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FAQ's Tenants

What property access is available to a landlord when the property is rented?

The landlord might need to visit the rented property from time to time to do their own mid term inspection, or complete their own maintenance. A tenant must allow access to the landlord but they have to give you 24 hours notice. The landlord will probably have a spare set of keys to the property for emergencies, but would never make access without prior notice. This has to be in written form and at least giving 24 hours notice.

For what purpose can a tenant use a residential rented property?

A residential property agreement is solely for residential purposes. Tenants are not allowed to run a business from their rented accommodation as this could be detrimental in relation to local by laws for the landlord.

Do I have to rent a property for a certain amount of time?

Yes, as a tenant you are legally required to pay the rent for the allotted time of the contract, 6, 12 months. The tenancy agreement AST is a legally binding contract and is signed by the tenant(s) and the Landlord/Agent.

We always advise you to seek legal advise and help before signing any binding contract, the tenancy agreement will point out the rent required each month, the length of contract and the notice period that you have to give. It will also have any provisions that you have to abide to in reference to the property. Ie: decorating the property etc.

If you have signed a 6 month agreement and you only intend to stay for this length of time, you will have to correspond this one calendar month before vacating the property. Otherwise the contract runs into a month to month rolling contract. If the contract runs into a rolling contract, the landlord is required within the law to give 2 months notice.

Council Tax and utility bills who pays?

As the tenant(s) it is your responsibility for all utility bills in the property, gas, water, & electricity. You will also have to pay the council tax (unless otherwise stated in the agreement) or you are exempt through local housing allowance. If you have a TV at the property you will also have to report this to the authorities.

It is important to note that if you have a TV license at a previous address and you don’t notify the authorities you have moved, it will be classed as an un-licensed property and could result in a £1000.00 fine. Anyone who watches TV without a license could find themselves with a large fine.

When renting, is the landlord or tenant responsible for property repairs?

If something is broken or damaged on the rented property during the tenancy it is your responsibility to get this rectified. If the property isn’t the same as the check in signed document when the inventory company do their midterm inspection, you will have a 10 day window period to get the repair fixed. If there is any problems with the property ie: Boiler or the cooker breaks down these types of repairs will be up to the landlord. We usually have a maintenance limit set with the landlords prior to you moving in so we can send our maintenance teams to the property for work under £180.00. Over and above this amount we will consult the landlord.


What do the terms in the tenancy agreement, ‘jointly and severally’ mean?

If there is one or more person(s) on the tenancy agreement, this phrase will appear in the tenancy agreement. Both parties are responsible for making sure the tenancy rules are abide and the rental amount is a full amount and if one party fails to pay this should not effect the agency or the landlord receiving the rent. If one half of the tenant fails to pay the other tenants are legally responsible for shortfall in rent.

Are we allowed pets at the property?

For many landlords, their rented property is a very valuable asset, usually a long term investment. More often than not it is also a very emotional attachment to them. It is a big decision to become a landlord and if this is at the start of their portfolio they are very protective.

The simple answer is do they allow pets, yes. Before you move in if you have any pets cats or dogs, or anything else it’s best to check with the agent first. If you are living at the property and you decide to invest in an animal you would need to have written consent from the agent. If you went ahead and was not given notice, you would be in breach of the tenancy rules part of the tenancy agreement and this could be detrimental to you deposit.

When the property is let what access does the landlord have?

This is a question we get asked quiet a lot, there are many stories about landlords knocking on the door and wanting to have a look at the property.

If we are managing the property the landlord is allowed entrance but we would write to you and give you 24hrs notice. If there is access needed for a Gas safety check, or electrical appliance checks. If sufficient notice is give a tenant(s) must allow a landlord access. The landlord will have a set of keys to the property, but they should never use these without the tenant’s consent, except in an emergency.


Are tenants allowed to smoke in the property?

All of the properties we let have a strict NO SMOKING POLICY. This is clearly stated in the property rules, and if you are in breach of this, this will again negate your deposit as the property will have to be decorated throughout. No means NO.

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